Drive Me - Self-driving cars for smart mobility

The Drive me project started in 2013 and closed in 2019. It was initiated by Volvo Car Group (automotive company) with the purpose to study how autonomous cars can give societal and economic advantages in form of better flow in traffic, environment and safety as well as to make Sweden and Volvo market leaders within sustainable mobility.

Additionally, the project aimed to study the consequences of autonomous cars when it comes to changes in demands on infrastructure (e.g. reduced number of parking lots), suitable/non-suitable traffic situations, drivers’ comfort, and interaction with other (non-autonomous) cars/drivers. Drive me was designed as the world’s first large-scale pilot test for autonomous driving, with the aim to have 100 self-driving cars on the streets of Gothenburg. However, due to complications with clearance from the Swedish Transportation Authority the actual test could not start until 2018, on a smaller scale than planned.

In 2016 Sweden launched Drive Sweden, one of 17 national strategic innovation programs, focusing on new solutions for mobility. This program has since then funded several projects about self-driving vehicles.


Volvo Car Group, Trafikverket, Transportstyrelsen, Lindholmen Science Park och Göteborgs Stad. Chalmers and Autoliv joined Drive Me two years into the program.


Vinnova was the main financial sponsor, but all partners invested in the project.


Volvo: Autonomous vehicles are an integrated part of the Swedish government’s vision of zero traffic fatalities. It will give Volvo an insight into the technological challenges alongside valuable feedback from real customers.

Gothenburg City: To be leading edge when it comes to the development of efficient, clean and safe transport systems.

Urban trends & Innovations - selected learnings

“You build a successful organization by finding the right people and the right personalities, the right characteristics… curiosity, commitment, chemistry, guts to test, etc. Not only super-professional PhD’s, but a mix of people from different backgrounds, culture and ethnic origin. Then, these innovators must get the eligible resources.” Jan Hellåker, Lindholmen Science Park

Influential trends

  • Tech trends: AI – deep learning, Automization, Prototyping, IoT, Big data, Electrification, Algorithm-design
  • Societal trends: Global networking, Urbanization, Smart society

UN sustainable development goals

The Drive me project can be linked to SDG no. 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure - due to the high level of technical innovation and the aim to develop a more sustainable transport system as well as to no. 11 - Sustainable cities and communities due to that self-driving vehicles probably will lead to fewer cars in the cities.


Interview with Jan Hellåker, Senior Advisor, Lindholmen Science Park (formerly Chairman, Drive Sweden)