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Learnings from innovative projects can nudge other organizations to contribute to our common future.

We believe the power of innovation can help us reach a sustainable society. By sharing knowledge and insights from examples of innovative projects, we hope to motivate other organizations to contribute to our common good.

We believe in the power of many. Starting with over 100 renowned innovation projects, from different parts of the world, we chose 30 inspiring cases for this study. Each case is carefully selected based on its innovative approach and contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We have carefully reviewed each project, interviewed representatives, and listened to the advice of project managers, CEOs, CTOs, and other experts. We have learned an incredible amount, and we present these insights in our report: in Short stories of smart projects and their common Success factors.

Furthermore, we have peeked into the future and identified trends that we believe will impact society. These future trends support our case selection and aim to visualize what next ten years might look like. We created eleven future narratives about Emma and Oliver: two people living in the year of 2030. We tell stories of the future through their eyes, experiences, dreams, and fears. Please come with us and experience how they live, work, travel, and socialize. By better understanding the future we hope motivate others to take actions that will enable a more sustainable tomorrow.

If you are a CEO of a private company, a city planner, an architect, or just someone interested in innovation and sustainability, we believe our insights will help your strategic planning. Some of our results are provided on this website. If you are interested in seeing more, please contacts us. We look forward to you feedback.

Once again welcome!